The 5 Kinds of Shoppers You Encounter During the Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2018

1. The Coupon Queen

With a box full of coupons, determination in her eyes and her hands gripped tightly on her shopping cart, she's ready and on a mission. She also brings the store mailer with her to point out sales, and clips extra coupons, making sure to not be slighted by the cashier on any possible discount. Every penny counts with her, and she's sure she knows your store, pricing, and stock better than you do.

2. The Perpetual Returner

With or without a receipt they come marching in your store all too frequently, indecisve, acting clueless over the clearly posted return policy of your store. They frequently throw off your store's profit to return ratio, and much too often have difficulty finding the reciepts. They even know your employee line-up and have targeted the "weaker" staff, those who are newer, nicer and entertain the perpetal returner's repetitive questions. You love customers, but you love them more when they keep the merchandise they purchase.

3. The Confused but Eager One

They’ve got a lot of questions... a lot of questions. They basically have a store associate shop with them the entire time, and mosey around asking about which sales apply to which racks and where clearly marked items are located. They’ve got questions from the return policy to the lifetime warranty to the way each product is priced, but at least they're nice about it.

4. The Flustered Mom

Four children, a husband, five nieces, and three nephews to shop for this holiday season. She’s one of those last minute shoppers, that forgot what day it was almost every day, but woke up three days before Christmas realizing it was time to go shopping.

5. The One-Stop Shopper (the one that cleans out your inventory)

They shop for the holidays, but reluctantly. There's no holiday spirit, just a transparent frustration over the inconvenience of the season, and want to put forth as little effort as possible. So, they come to your store, and buy everything in stock so they don't have to bother going anywhere else. They pretty much account for most of your holiday sales by purchasing so much all at once.

6. The Eternal Browser

They will be browsing your store till closing and will probably end up walking out empty handed. They don’t just browse, they try to make a connection to every item they see. They want to see, feel, touch, question and maybe even meditate the meaning of life while perusing your isles as well. You don't even know if they have a wallet.

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